Leave Them: Un​-​Silencing Victims of Sexual Assault

by St. Paul de Vence

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100% of proceeds from the purchase of "Leave Them", through this link, will help fund a music video for the song to serve as a part of a public service announcement campaign to un-silence victims of sexual assault.

The video will feature survivors of childhood sexual abuse to put faces and a voice to a silent epidemic that affects one out of every 10 children in America.

This project aims to break through the stigma to heal and prevent abuse.

You can join in this cause by donating any amount and receive a hi-def digital download of the song.


Hey now doesn’t that seem alright
Kids out playing on the slip n’ slide
Barbeques burning and the beers are light
All the neighbors start to gather in the fading light

Little Bobby slips away and he can’t be found
‘couple others gone with him, but don’t worry now
Kids have been so good, let them play it out
About an hour ago we saw them up at the house

Leave them alone
Let them go

All there lives they’ve been told
The world is safe and pure as gold
“Nothing’s gonna hurt you. Nothing’s gonna harm.
If you’re ever scared we got you, son.”

But, that house on the hill’s got a different tint
Two brothers so nervous still they go on in
Bobby lays on with the promises
Eight and Twelve, they ain’t never seen a world like this.


I don’t wanna be the one
That’s always been hiding the smoke of the gun
And I don’t want to be the brave son

It’s not Daddy’s fault, he’s only so tough
Mama shouldn’t ever have to know this stuff
Keep inside, push it on down
Don’t ever let the world see you wear a frown

But, thirty years gone by like it ain’t no thing
Grown men silent suffering
Don’t even know they’re angry
Taking it out on their families



released May 16, 2017
written by Benjamin Doerr (ASCAP)
performed by St. Paul de Vence, as part of the album, Farther Than Light



all rights reserved